Wednesday, July 30, 2014


12p0- Woke.
1p1- Ate. Surfed the internet.
2p2- Ate the internet.
3p3- Worked on Zoe's story.
Difficulty 7/10 Efficiency 5/10
4p4- Worked on Zoe's story.
Difficulty  6/10 Efficiency 4/10
5p5- Worked on Zoe's story. Felt exhausted.
Difficulty 7/10 Efficiency 3/10
6p6- Exercised.
7p7- Snacked. Showered.
8p8- Worked on Zoe's story.
Difficulty 8/10 Efficiency 3/10
9p9- Worked on Zoe's story.
Difficulty 7/10 Efficiency 5/10
10p10- Worked on Zoe's story.
Difficulty 8/10 Efficiency 5/10
11p11- Worked on Zoe's story.
Difficulty 7/10 Efficiency 8/10
12a12- Worked on Zoe's story.  Eyes are failing me.
Difficulty 7/10 Efficiency 6/10
2a12- Woke up from a restless nap. Kept thinking about how I would write it.
3a13- Internetted.
4a14- Worked on Zoe's story.
Difficulty 6/10 Efficiency 3/10
5a15- Worked on Zoe's story.
Difficulty 5/10 Efficiency 9/10
6a16- Worked on Zoe's story.
Difficulty 5/10 Efficiency 8/10

Tuesday, July 29, 2014


1p0- Woke up.
2p1- Did some stuff around the house.
3p2- Ate. Surfed web.
4p3- Ate. Surfed web.
5p4- Played games.
6p5- Played games. Having a tough time concentrating.
7p6- Worked on Zoe's story.
Difficulty 6/10 Efficiency 5/10
8p7- Worked on Zoe's story.
Difficulty 5/10 Efficiency 10/10
9p8- Worked on Zoe's story.
Difficulty 5/10 Efficiency 10/10
10p9- Finally getting back on track with Zoe's story here. Almost finished. Maybe not today, but relatively almost finished.
Difficulty 4/10 Efficiency 10/10
11p10- Worked on Zoe's story.
Difficulty 6/10 Efficiency 6/10
Attempted to secure romantic dinner date. Failed.

Monday, July 28, 2014


Plugging my friend pinoytoons. He's making a hentai game. Check it out.

Pinoytoons has made 5 scenes for AD3. I know him to be a dedicated artist and he's also a sweet and caring guy. There's this video of him on YT where he's holding a fun little sweepstakes and the winner gets a free commission from him. He's holding this contest on this crappy fuckin couch and he's not rich. He's from a third world country. The whole video just got me right here in the feels. He's just the kind of guy you want to see succeed in life. So please check his game out.

Yesterday, I worked on Stella's story. It's taking a long time, but at least there's a lot of it. Didn't post because I wasn't up to it.

12p0- Woke.
1p1- Surfed the web.
2p2- Ate.
3p3- Ate.
4p4- Worked on StellaH2 Fix.
Difficulty 3/10 Efficiency 5/10
5p5- Worked on StellaH2 Fix.
Difficulty 3/10 Efficiency 4/10
6p6- Slacked off.
7p7- Exercised.
12a12- Added backgrounds to various hentai scenes.
Difficulty 5/10 Efficiency 5/10
2a14- Wrote a long email for 2 hours.
3a15- Worked on Zoe's Story.
Difficulty 7/10 Efficiency 8/10
4a16- Worked on Zoe's story.
Difficulty 6/10 Efficiency 10/10

Saturday, July 26, 2014


12p0- Woke up three times last night. Spent an hour on imgur just to get back to sleep.
1p1- Ate. Internetted. Attempted to create honey lemonade. The honey bottle defeated me. I microwaved it to coax the solidified honey out, and then the plastic melted at the top of the bottle because I left it in too long, so I attempted to cut and extract the melted top, but some flakes of melted plastic fell in, so I was forced to throw away half a bottle of honey after researching that melted plastic may contain harmful toxins... But I don't have to walk five miles for clean water.
2p2- Ate some more. Played computer games.
3p3- Internetted.
4p4- Worked on ZoeH3.
Difficulty 7/10 Efficiency 10/10
5p5- Worked on ZoeH3.
Difficulty 6/10 Efficiency 8/10
6p6- Worked on Zoe's story.
Difficulty 7/10 Efficiency 3/10

Friday, July 25, 2014


11a0- Woke up. Sleep was above average.
12p1- Ate. Internetted.

We have a value in-game called "Viewership". In the story, you need viewers to ensure your TV show is still running, or else you won't be able to buy a ticket home and it's game over. In game, it's really just a life bar that all survivors share. To simplify matters, if anything bad happens to your crew, it results in a decline of viewership. It's kind of weird that when something bad happens, viewership drops (like if Luke gets his hand chopped off, people don't just stop watching), but the mechanic is admittedly simplified because of everything else that's going on.

Viewership drops when a survivor is incapacitated in combat. Viewership may increase or decrease due to certain moral choices, usually involving a tradeoff of favoring one survivor over viewership.

Should there be a "Civilian Strength" value?
In-universe definition: The combined strength of unnamed survivors working to keep the base running. Since the sonic emitter can only cover a certain distance of living space, civilian strength always caps out at 10 civilians.
Mechanics definition:
-If it drops to 0, game over. Unlike viewership, the maximum for CS is 10.
-Both Viewership and CS decreases when a main survivor is incapacitated.
-CS is affected by its own set of moral choices in the story.
-Unlike Viewership, CS can be gained through territory control on the map.

+ It adds a sense of realism. When you rescue a group of hardy survivors, you should realistically be awarded survivor strength, not an increase in viewership.
+ It adds an element of gameplay. You'd have to worry about viewership and survivor strength separately. Since it caps, you want to keep it at a certain level under 10 to make sure that you don't get an excess amount of CS.
- Extra fucking work. Delays. This is mainly what's stopping CS's inclusion.
- Vaguely worded. Stella is a civilian and has no business holding a gun, but she is not considered to be a part of the Civilian Strength.
- The player might already have enough shit to worry about.

1p2- Spent the hour rambling above.
Difficulty 1/10 Efficiency 10/10
2p3- Finished the rambling from above. Jotted down a few story ideas for the events portion of the game. Worked on Larissa's story. Felt lightheaded for the whole hour, went out briefly to get a little fresh air.
Difficulty 5/10 Efficiency 9/10
3p4- Worked on story elements. Made some hard choices, cut out some story content. Well, you gotta trust me on that one.
Difficulty 4/10 Efficiency 10/10
4p5- Exercised, then ate snack.
5p6- Worked on Zoe's story.
Difficulty 3/10 Efficiency 10/10
6p7- Worked on Zoe's story. Rejected friend's proposal to hang out.
Difficulty 2/10 Efficiency 9/10
7p8- Worked on Zoe's story.
Difficulty 6/10 Efficiency 10/10
8p9- Worked on Zoe's story.
Difficulty 5/10 Efficiency 7/10
9p10- Finished Terra's rejection story.
Difficulty 3/10 Efficiency 10/10
10p11- Finished Larissa's rejection story. Worked on Isabel's.
Difficulty 5/10 Efficiency 8/10
11p12- Finished Isabel's and Veronica's rejection story. Did pullups. Worked on Zoe's story. Feeling depleted of energy.
Difficulty 7/10 Efficiency 7/9
12a13- Worked on Zoe's story. Worked great.
Difficulty 3/10 Efficiency 10/10
1a14- Worked on Zoe's story. Took a break.
Difficulty 5/10 Efficiency 5/5
2a15- Took a longer break.
3a16- Flirted with new female on the internet. Drew her in an attempt to woo her.
4a17- Finished conversing. Case remains open.
Difficulty 11/10

Thursday, July 24, 2014


11a0- Woke up. Sleep was bad.
12p1- Ate. Internetted.
1p2- Attempted to go back to sleep. Failed.
2p3- Ate. Played vidja gaems.
3p4- Ate. Played vidja gaems.
4p5- Worked on Stella's story.
Difficulty 6/10 Efficiency 5/10
5p6- Worked on Stella's story. Dealt with indigestion. Game delayed due to indigestion.
Difficulty 6/10 Efficiency 3/10
6p7- Worked on Stella's story. Talked to sister for the majority of the hour.
Difficulty 4/10 Efficiency 3/10
7p8- Exercised.
8p9- Worked on Stella's story.
Difficulty 4/10 Efficiency 5/10
9p10- Exercised.
11p11- Ate. Showered.
12a12- Hung out with online friend for a few hours. Gotta keep my sanity in check, not that it was really in jeopardy. ⊙﹏⊙

This day was pretty slow compared to how hectic I was working the day before.

Wednesday, July 23, 2014

7/23 (Game progress status)

Current to do list:

Primary Assets: Estimated time to finish this section: 2 to 3 months.
  • Art: 
    • Interface: 90%.
      • Fix roster screen: 2h
      • Options menu: 2h
      • MERC icons: 1h
    • Battle: 90%. 
      • Monster, Healer: ~1d
      • Barricade destroyed 3h
      • Battle enemy damage sprite: 2h
      • Monster, Mick Moose Bot
        • State firing 2h
        • State dead 4h
      • Battle PC powers sprite: ~3d
      • Rigging extra characters for combat: ~1-8d
      • Extra battle interface elements: 4h
    • Portraits: 99%. 
      • Fix Beatrice's portrait 3h
    • Hentai Scenes: 93%. All hentai scenes are either finished or in progress. 
      • Elaine 1: 1.5d
      • Stella 2: 5h
      • Zoe 3: 20h.
      • Terra 2: 5h
      • Larissa 2: 3d.
      • Isabel2: 5h
  • Story: 85%
    • Isabel, 1 story left, partially done: 5h.
    • Elaine, 1 story left, partially done: 3h.
    • Stella, 5 stories left, scripted but not written: 5d.
    • Larissa, 1 story partially done: 1d
    • Terra, 1 story: 8h
    • Zoe, 5 stories left, scripted but not written: 4d
    • All characters: Bad ending if the player does poorly: 18h
    • Gift scenes: 30h
  • Programming: I'm not working on this section directly. Details will be announced at a later date.
  • Music and other sounds: 90%. 
    • Misc monster sounds: 3h
  • Game Design: 95%. There are a few unresolved issues. A) Dating two characters in one playthrough is harder to balance than AD2S, and a solution to make it fun has not been decided on. B) Possibly adding a scavenger element to the game, where you can assign survivors to find random loot. This element makes the game more fun, but isn't necessary to reach shippable status. Unfortunately, due to the flash game climate (websites are resistant to game updates), a resolution is desired before the game ships.
Beta Milestone: The game will be playable, but many features will be left out. A select group of players (tbd) will be involved in balancing the game, mainly combat. 
  • Game Balancing: 60%. ~1 to 6 weeks for both me and programmer to finish, but my own participation will probably be limited to simple QA.
    • "Long Term" game balancing: 0% I was able to test the game's combat design from a shorter perspective, usually consisting of 1 to 7 days at a time on testing programs. I wasn't able to test longer periods consisting of 30 to 70 days because the preliminary programs I made for it involved too much human calculation, so I had to simply guesstimate on what would be a good balance when it involved items and player survival periods. When the game is closer to beta, it will be more feasible to balance the various long term variables for play.
    • Combat balancing: 90%. Many of the abilities have been proven "on paper" already. From a day to day perspective in this game, I do not foresee any short term balancing problems that cannot be solved with a quick value change.
Shippable Milestone: Finishing the above will put the game in Shippable status. The game will be finished to the point where players can play and finish the game, but some features will be still under construction. The game will be actually on sale at this point, though.

Finished Milestone: (Estimated total of 26 days) Upon finishing this section, the game will be finished to the point where I hope players will be satisfied with the overall product. The product should basically fulfill the project's expected outline as described in the original kickstarter/offbeatr.
  • Three way relationships: ~11 days.
    • Threesome1: Art is 100%, Story is 25%.
    • Threesome2: Art is 95%, Story is 0%
    • Threesome3: 0%
    • Threesome4: 0% 
  • Voice Acting: ~5%. ~Variable # of days. I've casted a few voice actresses, but I haven't had them read anything because of money problems and because I want the script to be polished
  • Doom faces: 0%. ~15 days. This feature replaces the placeholder portraits in combat with lightly animated faces similar to the Doom game. I would consider this feature not as important as overall polish, but since this feature is promised under Kickstarter, I have to actually do this one before moving onto regular polish. It feels like a lose-lose situation for both the developers and the players, so this might be lowered in priority later down the road.
Backer Rewards and Extra Polish Milestone: (Estimated total of 57 days). Upon finishing this section, I will be completely satisfied with the game's content. I might skip over a few "polish" items and elect to not draw them in the interest of time or if the item in question does not add significant value to the game.
  • Bikini Mode: ~12 days.  While all of the chars have bikini pics (except the Captain, shrug), I think having the bikini mode extend into combat (with bikini combat "power" portraits, and possibly bikini combat sprites) would fully satisfy the reward. 
  • Extra Backgrounds: ~14 days.
    • Control Room
    • Airlock
    • Apartment
    • Nondescript Room
    • Spoiler place 1
    • Spoiler place 2
  • New Captain portraits: 2 days.
  • Extra Character Portraits: ~5 days.
  • Misc drawings for dating sim section: ~8 days. This section is left intentionally vague to remain spoiler free.
    • Larissa: 3 characters
    • Stella: 1 character
    • Isabel: 4 characters
    • Zoe: 2 scenes, 1 char
  • Backer On-Demand scenes: ~18 days. Creates additional scenes with either AD3 or AD2 chars. Depends on the backers that bought this tier.
  • Misc reward fulfillment.

Expansion Milestone: Adds a few characters. I'm going to come up with a few concepts and allow players to decide who should be in the expansion. The characters include playable characters during combat, some dating scenarios and hentai scenes at the minimum.

Disclaimer: My experience has shown that I am simply horrible at giving time estimates, but I am getting better  at estimating because I am beginning to understand how much time an item can take on a case by case basis.

TL;DR: I think we'll start selling the game in November.

1p0- Woke up.
2p1- Ate, Internetted.
3p2- Errands.
4p3- Errands.
5p4- Ate.
6p5- Wrote the above outline.
Difficulty 3/10 Efficiency 10/10
7p6- Wrote the above outline.
Difficulty 3/10 Efficiency 10/10
8p7- Wrote the above outline.
Difficulty 3/10 Efficiency 10/10
9p8- Wrote the above outline. Worked on Isabel's story.
Difficulty 3/10 Efficiency 10/10
10p9- Worked on Isabel's story.
Difficulty 5/10 Efficiency 10/10
11p10- Worked on Isabel's story. Took an ovaltine break. Worked on Isabel H2.
Difficulty 9/10 Efficiency 6/10
12a11- Worked on IsabelH2
Difficulty: 6/10 Efficiency 10/10
1a12- Worked on IsabelH2
Difficulty 7/10 Efficiency 8/10
2a13- Finished IsabelH2. Apparently I thought this was finished a few months back, but now I have actually finished it. Looks good. Worked on Isabel's story.
Difficulty 5/10 Efficiency 9/10
3a14- Worked on Isabel's Story.
Difficulty 6/10 Efficiency 9/10
4a15- Worked on Isabel's Story. So close to finishing... so tired.
Difficulty 7/10 Efficiency 9/10
5a16- Finished Isabel's Story. Word Count: 13,273.
Difficulty 6/10 Efficiency 7/10
6a17- Can't sleep. Worked on LarissaH2.
Difficulty 2/10 Efficiency 5/10