Sunday, September 21, 2014


4p0- Woke
5p1- Internetted
6p2- Sat around like a lazy bum
7p3- Exercised
8p4- Exercised
9p5- Ate.
10p6- Ate.
11p7- Friend came over, chatted for an hour.
12a8- Analyzed living situation.
12a8 to...
4a12- Worked on misc stuff. I'm kind of embarrassed that what I'm working on took four hours, so I'm just not gonna say what it was, other than that it was AD3 related.
5a13- Worked on trailer.
12p20- Worked on voice actress stuff. That makes 12 hours of work in today.

Friday, September 19, 2014


4p0- Woke.
5p1- Internetted
6p2- Internetted. Exercised.
7p3- Exercised.
8p4- Exercised, Ate.
9p5- Ate. Watched TV.
10p6- Ate, showered, emailed.
11p7- Worked with voice actresses, dicked around on pc.
12a8- Studied programming.
Difficulty 9/10 Efficiency 10/10
1a9- Studied programming
Difficulty 8/10 Efficiency 9/10
2a10- Studied programming. Worked on Beatrice power.
Difficulty 7/10 Efficiency 9/10
3a11- Worked on trailer.
Difficulty 4/10 Efficiency 5/10
4a12- Took a break.
5a13- Chores.

Thursday, September 18, 2014


10p0- Woke
11p1- Internetted.
1a2- Ate.
2a3- Wrote to someone.
3a4- Finished writing to someone.
4a5- Internetted.
5a6 to 8a9- Finished up trailer script.
10a10- Internetted.

8p0- Woke up. Apparently I really needed some sleep.
9p1- Internetted. Ate.
10p2- Ate.
11p3- Internetted.
12a4- Finished casting the voice talents. Haven't sent out the emails though.
1a5 to 9a13- Worked on trailer. Got in 10 hours of work before productivity went down the shitter.
10a14- Went grocery shopping like a zombie.

Monday, September 15, 2014


4p0- Woke
5p1- Internetted
6p2- Internetted. Hooboy bad way to start a day.
7p3- Ate. Gamed.
8p4- Ate. Gamed.
9p5- Legal stuff.
Difficulty 3/10 Efficiency 10/10
10p6- Legal stuff.
Difficulty 3/10 Efficiency 10/10
11p7- Legal stuff.
Difficulty 3/10 Efficiency 10/10
12a8- Legal stuff. Ianal, but I am a rules lawyer so doing this legal stuff was actually pretty fun.
Difficulty 3/10 Efficiency 10/10
2a10- Internetted for two hours.
10a18- Worked on story elements for 8 hours. I ah, haven't been reporting in as much as I should have. I blame myself for a lack of focus. All this voice over work is really distracting. It's my fault. I gotta keep posting and working, so damn close, damnit.

Thursday, September 11, 2014


We remember 9/11. I don't have a 9/11 story.

4p0- Woke.
5p1- Internetted.
6p2- Ate. Gamed.
7p3- Ate. Gamed.
8p4- I've cast Larissa. I wish "casted and "readed" were legit words. Larissa's the only character that was easy for me to cast. I'm not at liberty to say which voice actress will be reprising Larissa, but I'm positive that you guys will really enjoy the voiceover.
2a10- Worked on voice casting stuff for the last 6 hours.... yeesh... Was preeeetty efficient. Probably off by an hour of laziness.
6a16- Something weird happened. I stumbled upon something, and now I apparently have the power to ruin someone's internet life. This person isn't doing anything inherently bad... The closest thing I can relate it to, well , it's like I found out that Santa isn't real, and I can tell all the other kids that I have undeniable proof that Jason's dad was climbing through chimneys. But that would just make everyone sad... So maybe I'll keep this person's identity a secret. No harm, no foul. But this person may use it for harm one day... Hmmmm... And no, all my internet sleuthing does not count as AD3 work. So I internetted for four hours, and today was a freaggin waste.

Tuesday, September 9, 2014


9/8- Did some voice acting stuff, got lots of exercise, but not much work done.

2p0- Woke.
3p1- Listened to the voices in my PC, ate.
I have to say, that this gem is probably one of the funniest voice over demos I've had the pleasure of listening to.

I have a spreadsheet with potential actresses. I first evaluate the actress based on her ability to act, her willingness to perform sexual scenes, the sexiness of her voice, and the cost. Most of the time, these factors are clouded in mystery. Take for instance, a woman that was scouted through a sex based ad- While that woman would be GGG, her ability to act is in question, and I would have to do some internet sleuthing (stalking) in order to determine the accuracy of all the factors. The aforementioned factors make up for the overall rating of the actress. 

Next, I rate the actresses based on how well I believe they would perform with each character. I've gotten some audition files, but I admit there is some guesswork involved. Some actresses have a great range and can voice many characters, some can only voice one or two.

Next we have the characters themselves. Some have leading roles, some do not. In the order of how much of a leading role the characters are: (does not reflect the quality of the role!)
S tier= Olga, Isabel, Larissa, Terra
A tier= Zoe, Stella
B tier= Elaine
C tier= Veronica
D tier= Beatrice, Carmen

So the actresses that have the highest overall score usually get the first pick for the leading roles, unless there's an actress who has a low range. After that I give them a sample of the dirty script, and they either say "cool with me" or they flip the fuck out and run for the hills, and that's how Willy Wonka Chocolate Bars are made!

Difficulty 1/10 Efficiency 10/10
4p2- Worked with voice actors. Ate.
Difficulty 1/10 Efficiency 10/10
5p3- Worked with voice actors. Ate.
Difficulty 1/10 Efficiency 10/10
6p4- Worked with voice actors.
Difficulty 1/10 Efficiency 10/10
7p5- Studied.
Difficulty 7/10 Efficiency 5/10
8p6- Conversed with lead programmer, organized some UI elements. Studied a little.
Difficulty 2/10 Efficiency 10/10
10p8- Failed for two hours.
11p9- Studied.
Difficulty 9/10 Efficiency 3/10

Sunday, September 7, 2014

9/7- The intro that was never made

Here's a scene we're cutting out of the game, because it's too damn ambitious.
10 seconds of sunrise. At the beginning of each day, the player sees this cutscene. It is accompanied by Delibes - CoppĂ©lia - Waltz (the song is in public domain, but commercial usage of a person's MP3 is not free) The caption at the bottom is intermittently popping up, kind of like how a lot of arcade games used to put "insert coin for 1 credit(s)". The sunrise is quite easy to do, and I would probably have to steal a royalty free picture from Nasa to hook it up together.
10 seconds of Iacchus against pure black. A speck of gray slowly brightens into a visible, white like star. Iacchus rotates slowly, which is difficult since the planet was rendered in detail in 2D, but my current 3D version of Iacchus is really low detailed. I suck at using 3D, so I'd have to learn about 3D more in detail just to get one thing right. 
7 seconds of a shot for shot tribute to Space Odyssey 2001. I'd replace the habitat ring with an actual 3D animated habitat ring.
15 seconds. We see a shot from inside the bunk. It's another tribute to Space Odyssey.  You can see Iacchus outside the window, seemingly rotating in a circle. Yeah, Iacchus should be wayyyy bigger in that picture, but hey, I'm not going to go back and redo all the sex scenes to illustrate this. I can't afford to have the technical accuracy of James Cameron (nor can I afford a science adviser). We'll reposition the shot so that the bed is not in view. It's important, because you're not supposed to see the Captain at all for this morning cutscene.
7 second shot. This is where it goes off the budget rails.  We see Isabel walking through base. I'm just using the battle background, but use your imagination. The camera pans to follow her, as we see other members of the crew going about their daily business, welding stuff, carrying boxes... Isabel is stops at a door, with a cup of joe and a zombie slab of meat. 
15 seconds. Isabel places the tray down on a box outside the door, and then she knocks twice. The knock is inaudible, but uses the music instead. If you listen to that little jingle, right at 1m15, there's two notes, "Dah, dah", that we use to give sound to her knock. She salutes and just stands there for 10 seconds. Nothing moves. Note that the portrait is just an example, so for the rest of this intro, we're using the camera angle of Isabel in front of the captain's door. Note the caption at the bottom is still continuously blinking.

 10 seconds. Finally, Isabel gets a little impatient and says, Sir.
5 seconds. Isabel drops a 4th wall joke. There aren't a ton of fourth wall jokes. If you take into account the fact that Isabel is the player's tutorial guide that teaches the player what to click, then the above joke sort of falls in line with that.
7 seconds. The door opens. If the player has slept with a girl in the previous night, the girl will come out of the door and leave in that direction. Isabel will say "Oh. Excuse me." (as if she's the one needing to be excused). Obviously I'd have to change it if Isabel was the character he slept with. If there was a threesome the previous night, Isabel would say "Well!". And if there are no characters he slept with, she'd open the door herself, peek in, and say "Ah. Sorry, sir." (implying he is dressing). The door closes. 
10 seconds pass while Isabel waits. The door opens, and Isabel says good morning. Note, you never see the Captain during this. The camera has always been at somewhat of an angle, so you can't see who's inside. Fade to black. If the player clicks before the cutscene ends, we just skip the whole thing.

So I'm not actually going to make any of this. It was planned at one point, and I thought it'd be a great touch, but I really do have to finish the game. The only parts I can really keep in are the first 3 shots, and even then, I'll probably drastically cut their detail. I didn't bother actually timing this intro to the waltz.

4p0- Woke.
5p1- Internetted.
6p2- Made the above intro thing while eating.
Difficulty 1/10 Efficiency 10/10
7p3- Finished the intro thing. Spent a little more time than I'd have liked to. Internetted. Ate.
Difficulty 1/10 Efficiency 8/10
8p4- Internetted. Corrected a few image files.
Difficulty 3/10 Effciency 4/10
9p5- Corrected more images. Planned out power graphics, as some powers can be created now, but some need to be balance tested before they can be drawn. Worked with voice actress.
Difficulty 3/10 Efficiency 10/10
10p6- Worked with voice actress. Worked on isabelPower1.
Difficulty 3/10 Efficiency 10/10
11p7- Planned out power vfx. Studied. Showered.
Difficulty 5/10 Efficiency 8/10
12a8- Wrote down a new idea involving timers during combat. I've written plenty of ideas that never see production, but it's good to keep track of them. Studied. Experienced eye irritation. Used eye drops. Was difficult to focus on studying while eyes burned. Ate a bagel.
Difficulty 9/10 Efficiency 8/10
1a9- Finished Olga's and Stella's bad ending. Eyes are feeling better.
Difficulty 5/10 Efficiency 9/10
2a10- Studied programming. Got lazy, did some organizing (so it wasn't that bad of being lazy).
Difficulty 6/10 Efficiency 8/10
3a11- Studied.
Difficulty 7/10 Efficiency 6/10
4a12- Studied. Worked on the pre battle menu.
Difficulty 6/10 Efficiency 4/10
5a13- Fixed a weird computer problem. Worked with voice actress. Worked on first day rewrite.
Difficulty 5/10 Efficiency 7/10
6a14- Internetted. Ate.