Tuesday, October 7, 2014



Here's an interactive map screen in progress.
I'll explain what's going on. The program downloads and runs off an outside text file and uses that to procedurally generate each box, or "room". The rooms are composed of a lot of different factors, and there's a small legend popup tool in the corner to help you figure it out. If you study the rooms close enough, you'll see most of the ones adjacent to one another are related because the rooms belong in the same parent tile. It's still a WIP. You can't click to relocate your base yet. The rooms are supposed to be made of larger parent tiles (like the 3*14 room sized mall that you see in the program would be a mall tile) and these tiles are supposed to be placed at random during each playthrough, to enhance variety and adaptive strategy, but the WIP is not yet randomizing these tiles.

The map is shaped like a ring, and the camera perspective we're seeing is in the middle of the ring. That's why the ring can be upside down. It's not a bug, I promise. The white boxes are made up of "walls", which come in differing strengths. These walls, when surrounding the player's base, add to the player's defense, so you'll want to look for a high defense when you need to give your survivors a break from stressful fighting. This is a defensive strategy.

Conversely, if your team is doing great, you can adapt a trailblazing strategy by running through and collecting lots of ammo, while having a higher enemy encounter frequency. You can pick up little goodie bonuses that make up for character skill (Medical, Entertain, Repair, Cooking). The game is survival based (the game primarily ends when you lose, although certain conditions can end the game). Unlike other games that tack on survival as an extra mode, AD3's main story campaign was built with survival in mind. As the days go on, the enemies will become more stronger, and the resources on the map are finite, so you'll have to conserve these resources wisely and consider which resources to skip entirely.

Apart from the music (by Ryan), I made the whole swf from scratch. When I see the different elements of art, game design, and programming mixing so well together, it certainly evokes pride from me. Maybe I can get the lead programmer to make this run a bit faster. Well, tell me if you have speed issues with it. I really oughta get to fixing that "5" in that homemade font.

Tuesday, September 30, 2014


6p0- Woke.
7p1- Internetted. Exercised.
Efficiency 2.5/10
8p1- Exercised.
Efficiency 8/10
9p3- Ate.
10p4- Ate.
11p5- Brainstormed on toilet, designed better solution for barricade redistribution after leaving an area, and did some pseudo coding to solve programming problems that I'm too embarrassed to admit I'm having trouble with.
Difficulty 5/10 Efficiency 9/10
11p5 to 1a7- Learned
Difficulty 4/10 Efficiency 6/10
2a8- Worked on map...
Difficulty 7/10 Efficiency 4/10

Monday, September 29, 2014


6p0- Woke. Not a lot of sleep.
7p1- Internetted. Exercised.
Efficiency 4/10
8p2- Internetted. Exercised. I'm totally out of energy.
Efficiency 6/10
9p3- Ate. Apart from improvements in stamina, I've yet to experience any muscle growth. The main problem is that I'm not eating enough, so I'm forcing myself to eat. WebMD suggests I make smoothies... but the fruit variety of smoothies are probably out of the hentai game dev budget, and I sure as hell ain't making TV Dinner Smoothies. I've resorted to overeating, and I'll try to snack on small stuff throughout the day.
10p4- Showered. Played a game. Appeased stomach ache by killing virtual people.
11p5- Planned things.
Difficulty 6/10 Efficiency 7/10
12a6- Programmed, talked to a friend.
Difficulty 5/10 Efficiency 3/10
1a7- Programming the map.
Difficulty 6/10 Efficiency 9/10
2a8- Learned some stuff.
Difficulty 5/10 Efficiency 6/10
2a8 to 4a10- Worked on the map. Chatted with pinoytoons, secondary hentai animator. He's got a kid. I'm unsure whether I should put the kid in the credits as a Developer Baby.
Difficulty 5/10 Efficiency 16/20
5a11- Worked on the map. Ended up reusing the game's main animated poster for the map background... It's not bad.
Difficulty 5/10 Efficiency 10/10
6a12- Worked on map.
Difficulty 5/10 Efficiency 7/10
6a12 to 8a14- Worked on map. Added a delightful help button. I admit it's cryptic but it's beautiful!
Difficulty 5/10 Efficiency 20/20
8a14 to 10a16- Worked on map at a very bad speed. Should have just concentrated on eating.
Difficulty 7/10 Efficiency 4/20

Sunday, September 28, 2014


9/27- Went to a video gamer party. Got a lot of DDR related exercise, feet are sore. Major sausage fest, but there was one qt π, got her number. I'm pretty sure that's the farthest I'm going to get with that one though, so let's call it catch and release. Gambled and lost $5 of your kickstarter money in a poker game. It's good for big kickstarter teams to be transparent with what they do with your money, like "spent 20k on artist", but when it's only a few people... the transparency can get kind of personal.

9/28- Party kept going 'til 2. Went home. Friend came over, entertained him for a few hours. Slept 14 hours straight due to having only 2 hours of sleep the prior night. And here we are.

7p0- Woke.
8p1- Attempted to locate my missing external harddrive. After general searching was ineffective, switched to Batman cleaning search method. Method entails cleaning room while screaming "WHERE IS IT!?". Neatly organized my computer wiring.
9p2- Went back to the party host's house. Cried "I left my harddrive with all of my hand drawn cartoon pornography!" (it's okay I have many backups). Found harddrive, went home.
10p3- Internetted.
11p4- Ate.
12a5- Ate.
12a5 to 2a7- Chatted with friends, wrote some stuff to a VA. I can kind of excuse myself because of the stomach ache. Now work work work!
2a7 to 5a10- Programmed.
Difficulty 7/10 Efficiency 16/30
5a10 to 12p17- ...Debugged some newb stuff I was working on... Most of the time my programming has been moments of triumph, but this day was particularly difficult. I spent an hour fixing something and realized "oh, it's not -1, it's -15 for the y axis... oh...." That sucked and it was embarrassing. "gee HC, what's taking so long?" and I'd have to say "I don't know what I'm doing!"
Difficulty 9/10 Efficiency 30/70

Friday, September 26, 2014


4:40p0 Woke up.
5p0- Did morning stuff.
6p1- Sat some errands. Cleaned pigsty.
7p2- Exercised
Efficiency 6/10
8p3- Ate.
9p4- Ate.
10p5- Did some proofreading.
Difficulty 1/10 Efficiency 10/10

Thursday, September 25, 2014

9/25-Monthly Progress Report

September was not a very typical month of progress for me. I put a lot of time in meticulously casting our voice actresses. I created a database of potential actresses and cast(ed) them based on my scoring criteria. The final potential list was so competitive that even a few good actresses didn't make the cut. Originally I planned to hold auditions after the game's release, but due to the imminent trailer,  I had to have voices for the trailer so the game has been delayed. Delays aside, the casting went extremely well. For a game with a story that goes so much farther than the average delivery dude porno script, I would say that my time and effort was not squandered.

I've been working on the trailer. Money is tight...a little too tight for my comfort, so I'm going to hold another fundraiser. The game is getting close to beta, but I weighed my options carefully and decided that a "trailer/fundraiser detour" would be best, especially given the fact that these websites allows us to expand brand awareness. I've spent a lot of time on this trailer. I even voice acted the female characters as an example for the actresses, because when they read the script, some precise inflections may be lost in translation.

I've been studying programming. We have a lead programmer, but I want to help him out and speed up the game's progress, so I'm hitting the books. One may argue that I should finish my side of the game first-"the primary assets", but finishing this programming course will allow me to be "on call" for the lead programmer in case he feels that there are any easier tasks to delegate to me in the interests of time efficiency.

As for this month's actual game progress? I've been working mostly on the three above factors, so the game's completion percentage has not been raised. Let's see: The huge chunk of time casting actresses? Chalk it up as a delay, but it was worth it for the quality. Trailer? A necessary detour, but if you consider that more than 80% of the assets created for the trailer are going to be reused, you could call it another delay for quality. Programming? Once I'm helping with programming tasks, we will see an earlier game launch date.

Current to do list:

Primary Assets: The necessary assets required to put Aching Dreams into Playable Beta. Estimated time to finish this section: 1 to 2 months.
  • Art: 99%
    • Hentai Scenes: 100%
    • Battle 98%
      • Guns: 100%
      • Survivors
        • Survivor Sprites: 100%
        • Survivor Ability effects: 12 hours
      • Monsters: 95%
        • Monster, Healer: 1d
      • Misc:
        • Barricade destroyed 2h
    • Character Portraits: 100%. 
      • Character face portraits: 100%
      • Character beach portraits: 100%
      • Character nude portraits: 100%
      • Character normal portraits: 100%
  • Interface: 85.5%.
    • Pre-Battle menu: 6h
    • Day 2 Tutorial: 1d
    • Isabel's Help Menu: 1d
  • Story: 98%
    • Main Characters Storylines: 100%
    • Morning Events Storylines: 1d
    • Bad endings: 5h
    • Reactions to gifts given: 8h
    • BASICS Inputs: 10h
    • Proofreading: 12h
  • Programming: 
    • Rigging extra characters for combat: ~1-8d
    • Learning programming to help lead programmer: ~55 hours
    • Carrying out tasks assigned by lead programmer: Varies.
  • Music and other sounds: 90%. 
    • Misc monster sounds: 3h
  • Game Design: 98% (note that most of the game mechanics have only been tested "on paper" and still require gamebalancing once the beta is made)
    • A few data tables still need to be finished, and some other secret stuff.
Beta Milestone: The game will be playable, but many features will be left out. A select group of players (tbd) will be involved in balancing the game, mainly combat. 
  • Game Balancing: 60%. ~1 to 6 weeks for both me and programmer to finish, but my own participation will probably be limited to simple QA.
    • "Long Term" game balancing: 0% I was able to test the game's combat design from a shorter perspective, usually consisting of 1 to 7 days at a time on testing programs. I wasn't able to test longer periods consisting of 30 to 70 days because the preliminary programs I made for it involved too much human calculation, so I had to simply guesstimate on what would be a good balance when it involved items and player survival periods. When the game is closer to beta, it will be more feasible to balance the various long term variables for play.
    • Combat balancing: 90%. Many of the abilities have been proven "on paper" already. From a day to day perspective in this game, I do not foresee any short term balancing problems that cannot be solved with a quick value change.
Shippable Milestone: Finishing the above will put the game in Shippable status. The game will be finished to the point where players can play and finish the game, but some features will be still under construction. The game will be actually on sale at this point, though.

  • Dealing with initial onslaught of bug complaints: ?
Gold Milestone: Upon finishing this section, the game will be finished to the point where I hope players will be satisfied with the overall product. The product should basically fulfill the project's expected outline as described in the original kickstarter/offbeatr.
  • Three way relationships: ~11 days.
    • Threesome1: Art is 100%, Story is 25%.
    • Threesome2: Art is 95%, Story is 0%
    • Threesome3: 0%
    • Threesome4: 0% 
  • Voice Acting: ~30%. ~Variable # of days. Actresses have been cast.
  • Bikini mode combat portraits: 4d
  • New Captain portraits: 2d 
Backer Rewards and Extra Polish Milestone: Upon finishing this section, I will be completely satisfied with the game's content. I might skip over a few "polish" items and elect to not draw them in the interest of time or if the item in question does not add significant value to the game. The features and items in the below list are subject to change.
  • Commercial portraits: 3d
  • Multiple character blowjob scene: 40h
  • Extra Veronica H Scene: 25h
  • Extra Character Portraits: ~5 days.
  • Misc drawings for dating sim section: 4d. This section is left intentionally vague to remain spoiler free.
    • Larissa: 1 scene
    • Stella: 1 character
    • Isabel: 4 characters
    • Zoe: 1 scene
  • Extra backgrounds: 4d
    • Spoiler free background 1
    • Spoiler free background 2
  • Backer On-Demand scenes: ~18 days. Creates additional scenes with either AD3 or AD2 chars. Depends on the backers that bought this tier.
  • Misc reward fulfillment.

Expansion Milestone: Adds a few characters. I'm going to come up with a few concepts and allow players to decide who should be in the expansion. The characters include playable characters during combat, some dating scenarios and hentai scenes at the minimum.

Disclaimer: My experience has shown that I am simply horrible at giving time estimates, but I am getting better  at estimating because I am beginning to understand how much time an item can take on a case by case basis.

TL;DR: I think we'll start selling the game in November. Better guess is January, but December is possible.

4p0- Woke.
5p1- Lazed around, went out on an errand, employed fellow citizen's arachnid removal services.
6p2- Worked with voice actress. Exercised.
Efficiency 7/10
7p3- Exercised.
Efficiency 8/10
8p4- Conversed with mother. Ate.
9p5- Wrote progress update. Ate.
10p6- Finished morning routine, worked on trailer.
Difficulty 5/10 Efficiency 2/5
11p7- Did some programming.
Difficulty 6/10 Efficiency 10/10
12a8- Learning some javascript.
Difficulty 8/10 Efficiency 10/10
1a9- Solved a difficult problem with a dumb workaround.
Difficulty 9/10 Efficiency 10/10
1a9 to 4a13- Did lots of programming.
Difficulty 7/10 Efficiency 30/30
4a13 to 7a16- Did even more programming.
Difficulty 6/10 Efficiency 27/30

Wednesday, September 24, 2014


4p0- Woke.
5p1- Internetted.
6p2- Exercised.
Efficiency 9/10
7p3- Ate.
8p4- Ate.
9p5- Worked on trailer. Decided to add a new section to the beginning that very briefly summarizes what the game is...
Difficulty 4/10 Efficiency 10/10
10p6- Finalized trailer intro lines, sent to VA.
Difficulty 2/10 Efficiency 10/10
11p7- Organized tasks.
12a8- Did some programming.
Difficulty 7/10 Efficiency 10/10
1a9- Spent an hour on a difficult problem.
Difficulty 9/10 Efficiency 10/10
2a10- Figured it out. Jumped out of my seat in victory.
Difficulty 10/10 Efficiency 10/10
2a10 to 5a13- Worked on some user interface elements, worked on trailer.
Difficulty 5/10 Efficiency 9/10
6a14- Ate.
7a15- Took a break.
8a16- Attempted to do some proofreading.
Difficulty 1/10 Efficiency 1/10
Clocked in about 8 hours of efficient work. I solved a very difficult programming problem. It'd probably be easy for any other programmer worth his salt, but for me, it was like figuring out e=mc^2.