Wednesday, July 8, 2015

Patch v0.63: Warning

Hello! Jungl3Curr1 here with a quick update.

We're having a first data wipe for AD3 Game. The main reason is that there are some data variables inside the game where a simple replacement isn't easy to implement. If you are on day 20 or so, I do apologize for the inconvenience.

On the upside, we have made more bug fixes and game play changes such as:

- Removing the infinite Mike Moose Spawning bug through the use of assault rifle (which was a bug)
- Allowing HP Boosts to revive any incapacitated characters in addition to restoring HP
- Improving shotgun push back effect.

I will also like to say that there may be more data wipes needed in future patch changes, but we won't do so upon public release. (Which will be Version 1.00 and beyond).

Stay tuned for more updates!

- Jungl3Curr1.

Thursday, July 2, 2015


Face dump. My fav is Larry, Stella, then Bea smiling. Eric likes Zoe.

We're just importing stuff into the game at the moment. Every now and then we refine story, but mostly just trying to cross the finish line. The combat was patched again, and a nasty bug involving incorrect monster spawns has been eliminated. We should be rolling out the newest patch soon, and while the dating elements are still being withheld until closer to final, the combat feels very complete.

 The combat will tie into the dating aspects, what with the player's ability to lead in question; doing a bad job or being an uncool dude will get you mutinied. The mutiny system addresses a general issue about dating sims, in that the player generally has no incentive to make other girls happy during each run. Usually the player just buys all the flowers for one girl and then ignores the other girls until he goes for a new run, so the mutiny system will ensure that the player takes care of all his crewmembers to a certain extent.

Some players complain it's too hard...but umm... we're actually thinking about increasing the difficulty. The goal to get to Day 35 would actually be the hardest difficulty in the game. It's a tense game, stressful and strategical because the player feels ultimately responsible for loss. I'll lay down some cool strats.

Barricades are the most plentiful resource, abuse it- Ensure your enemies are spreading out damage over barricades evenly. You can spread the enemies around with Taunt or side pushing weapons like the machine pistol or the alternate fire on the pistol.

Get ammo at the barracks- Conserve ammo. You'll end most runs typically with no ammo at all.

Appraise your location's risk and rewards- Since the drop chance of items in an area decreases every time you pick up an item, and the difficulty of areas commonly fluctuates, you'll want to make sure that staying in an area is actually a good idea. I've left a +0 difficulty 30% Ammunition drop chance because... 30% sucks, haha. It would have probably been worth it if I lucked out and got the ammo, but the other 70% chance of facing even a +0 difficulty would have not made up for the risk.

If they're destroying you, then mutually assure them that you can destroy them- The difficulties of each area can slide in a manner that isn't in your favor. You can also find yourself stuck behind Iacchan wax because you used too much energy. If that happens, consider using Isabel's Mutually Assured Destruction power. It's a nuke, so you do damage to everything, yourself included. One character gets incapped, and three take 150 damage, but you lower all of the difficulties of the station to their lowest values. The MAD is a good early game ammo rush strat, end game strat, and emergency strat. You have to be really prepared for it though. So first thing to worry about is the huge nuclear explosion in your face. The first 50 of 150 damage should be soaked by your barricades.

You'll want your barricades topped off to 100%, so a BP boost is extremely helpful in getting there because the BP Boost gives guaranteed BP. Not using the BP boost means that you'll have to commit a large number of survivors to repairing, sometimes even at a waste because of the random amount of bp involved in repairing. Vibrobarrier is a power that Zoe and Elaine have that can double the amount of damage the vibrobarriers can take. You pretty much have to have one of the two along in order to soak up 100 damage.

There's still more damage coming through. You can take it in different ways. If you have high health characters, that can work. Characters can also take damage past 0, but up to half their maximum health. (So Larissa with 100hp can go to -50 damage before getting incapacitated). It's extremely risky, but as long as the character doesn't go past that negative point, they'll get back up with a sliver of health the next day. Also, having Veronica's or DoctorCaptain's Painkillers is pretty pro at ensuring your characters take no damage.

Finally, you will always have one random character incapacitated by the effect. There's nothing you can do about it to prevent it, but at least you don't lose viewership from it.

Here's a good early game setup for MAD: Isabel, Elaine/Zoe (for Vibrobarrier damage mitigation), Veronica (Painkillers give an additional damage mitigation), Captain-Noble(Noble is a pretty bad character, so you'll want to pray that he takes the brunt of the nuke).

Other fav setups of mine:
Team Godrifle:
Olga w/ Assault Rifle
Isabel w/ Assault Rifle
Elaine w/ Shotgun
Stella w/ Assault Rifle
Elaine uses KDIG Frequency Jammer to clear the way for assault rifles, Isabel uses Maximum Firepower to ensure that the survivors that normally can't shoot (stella, olga), can fire. Olga has strong powers, but she's less AOE. Fielding Olga in this team essentially lets you react against either super tough T-Roosters with her black hole power, or fire with assault rifles against smaller foes. If you luck out and find Zombies, Stella can use her Three Gun Salute power to increase the morale of Olga and Elaine, both of whom tend to consume morale on a very regular basis.

hrm. More setups to come, lol.

Saturday, June 27, 2015

Patch v0.6 updates

Hello everyone! Jungl3Curr1 here with some updates on patch v0.6:

Ok, so it isn't much going on, but I would like to talk about inventory management. I'm not sure if many people were aware that they can use the items in the profile section during the morning operations phase. This is what it had before patch v0.6:

There are a few problems with it. Firstly, these items only have a name. This doesn't tell the players what they exactly do. Another problem is that the current inventory system is too clunky (basically I have a row of text fields you can click on.) The last problem is basically displaying items with long names.

I decided to make a new inventory management view independent from the existing profile section:

As you can see here, you have a more in-depth information on the items, the amount you hold, and description.

You can access the inventory section around that circle.

Stay tuned for more updates!

- Jungl3Curr1

Wednesday, June 3, 2015

AD3 Public Beta and Walkthrough

Please watch the tutorial before playing the game. It is not advised that you play the beta if these types of strategy games are not already your cup of tea, because story is being withheld from beta until final release.

And here's the beta link.
It's known to work best with google chrome; there are a few issues regarding things flying outside of the window frame in firefox. It's kind of amusing but uhhh should be fixed, eheh

Saturday, May 30, 2015

Attn: any private testers

If you've added me on Skype and have yet to play, just keep yourself logged into skype and if we're ever on at the same time, and I'm not predisposed, I will be happy to give you the beta/tutorial/answer any questions.

Tuesday, May 26, 2015

AD3 playable private beta.

We've been keeping mum for a while... And that's because we've released a beta that's very playable. I've decided not to release it publicly, and the reason for that is a little complicated.

The game is currently playable. You can beat it, or die trying. The beta is still missing a few features. The dating sim aspects of the game are still under construction, and some mechanics and assets are still being implemented.

The reason I've decided not to go public with this beta is because only the combat section is really finished, and that section of the game is not fun "for everyone". I'm not saying it's not fun, I personally love it, but you have to have a penchant for the rogue-like genre to appreciate it. If you don't know what I mean by that, it's like as if AD3 is now a Hentai Dating Sim + Chess game instead of Hentai Dating Sim + Call of Duty. It's a game where you're overwhelmed with the responsibility of managing 11 characters and you may die a lot. Err, okay, you probably die way more in Call of Duty than you do playing Chess, but in Chess, it feels much more punishing to lose than it does to say..."hit X to respawn". If the dating sim portion of the game were finished, I'd be fine with releasing this game publicly, but as it stands... I don't want you to get a bad impression of the game. The small batch of testers that have played AD3 pretty much have the same reaction: There's no reward for beating combat, and no down-time from all the management duty because it's simply not put in the game yet.

So if you like very difficult turn based strategy games or if you're just really impatient and want to see the game, for now, you'll have to catch me on skype at godrifle1 to get a private beta copy. You have to be willing to share your screen too, so clean up that desktop for me before I come over. The whole skype restriction will/may be retracted once the tutorial is finished, because at the moment, I'm having to run players through the game with a hands-on approach. It may seem repetitive, but running players through the game again and again allows me to highlight important aspects to include in the tutorial.

Sunday, May 24, 2015