Thursday, January 7, 2016

New fix for loading issues.

If you're having any loading issues around day 10, please try playing the game at

A new fix was introduced that affects the html file (php to be precise) rather than the game swf itself, so the fix can only be found exclusively at our server.

Sunday, December 27, 2015

WSOD Bug finally solved

After testing the game myself, I have found the game-breaking bug that took a long time to find:

The challenge difficulty variable was indeed a decimal number and not an integer (whole number).

It was a mistake on my part that I did not realize such a simple error before the latest patch launch. The reason why the previous versions have been working the entire time because the difficulty calculations would usually end up being a whole number. I added in extra calculations for the easy adapter where it has divisors, and as the current build does not like non-whole numbers, the WSOD occurs.

I apologize for the latest events that transpire over the last week or two, but now you should not be able to encounter it again... Hopefully...

Wednesday, December 16, 2015

AD3 V1.09

Hey, we're pushing out a new update today that reflects upon user feedback.

For those that feel that the game is still too difficult on the easier setting, the easier difficulty now adapts to how well you're doing. If you are totally not Star Captain material, the aliens will pull their punches. This adaptive difficulty feature is intentionally left out of the harder original difficulty.
For those that have been wanting less focus on combat, we've added the "Lovestruck" mode which essentially reduces the amount of combat per playthrough. Your survivors can get sick now, just from being in combat, and gradually lose health, stamina, and morale. This may seem like the game is only much harder due to your crew falling to illness, but they are also falling hard for you as well. You need less BASICS points and affection points to finish dates. It may seem like it, but the game isn't harder with this mode on, it's just faster. You can combine the Lovestruck mode with either difficulty mode.
  • The following stories are now free to play:
    • Veronica
    • Carmen
  • Added a new feature to easier difficulty:
    • Added in the difficulty adapter system.
    • This system is designed so that difficulty is reduced depending on ammunition supplies AND health status of all crew members.
  • Added Lovestruck Mode:
    • -10 to all affection requirements, BASICS tests and BASICS requirements.
    • Night Guards have a chance to get sick, losing HP, MP and SP each day. Resting survivors lose less HP, MP and SP.
    • To cure sick survivors, have them resting. Has a chance to recover while resting, and each failed attempt will increase the chance to cure the sickness.
    • Lovestruck Mode now helps unlock Zoe's Normal Ending.
  • Minor bug fixes:
    • Fixed a bug where Stella's Affection Requirements weren't properly showing.
    • Fixed some grammar for Max Carey 3.
We'll have more updates in the near future... Battle voices as well as other content is still in the works.

Monday, November 16, 2015

Server migration in process.

As you can see here, we have recently upgraded the server to combat the loading issues people are having. However, the file transfers we were supposed to have from our server provider did not go through, meaning that we have the manually upload the files. In this case, AD2 currently has a lot of files missing for external loading.

Luckily, AD3 is unaffected as we have backed up data for it. The server should be back up in a few days.

- Jungl3Curr1

Wednesday, November 11, 2015

AD3 V1.08

Hello everyone! Jungl3Curr1 here with some more updates. This time, we're bringing in useful features to further improve the game:
  • Improved loading sequence for those with low bandwidth:
    • Added a feature on the splash screen where you can either reload assets or skip loading altogether (WARNING: Skipping the splash screen may not let you view or hear all loaded contents. However, you can just wait for the animated scenes to complete loading whenever possible).
    • Added a feature where you can disable loading of SFX and Voice audio to reduce downloading time.
    • This feature is necessary for players to experience content faster without facing loading issues. The increased loading time will become more apparent as we add more audio and animated content into the game.
  • Fixed a bug where in normal mode, you can date someone who is resting and them let them work afterwards.
  • Now you can view current stamina and morale on the scheduling when a survivor is incapacitated.
  • Moved the tutorial arrow during Veronica's turn where there wasn't a clear enough indication that players need to swap weapons before using the assault rifle Alt Fire.
  • Adjusted text field position and size for incapacitated survivors indication on the right side of the scheduling section.
  • Added names of weapons to character stats display in the battle phase. 
  • Added a button for Dossiers Section where you can access inventory section from there.
Some other features will be coming in future patches. Until then, enjoy.

Tuesday, November 3, 2015

AD3 is on Newgrounds.

You can check it out and review it at You don't have to and there's nothing you haven't seen there, but... it would be appreciated.

Monday, November 2, 2015

AD3 v1.07 (Easier difficulty mode!)

We've added an easier difficulty mode. The patches before this concentrated solely on making the game easier to understand, but no punches were pulled. Well, it is actually easy now (a claim I've never made). You no longer have to get good. Congrats to those that wanted it, for we have caved in.

New Features
  • Added Easier Mode:
    • The difficulty curve is reduced to +1 difficulty every day, which is practically half of Original Mode's.
    • The starting difficulty is reduced by 5. (As a result of the two aforementioned changes, the total difficulty at day 35 is 43, instead of Original Mode's 72.)
    • Starting Ammo is doubled.
    • The easier story requirements are retained. (-4/-3/-2/-1 to tests and requirements for O/V,T/L/S,E)
  • Added Original Mode:
    • Restored original dating requirements: You and your date must now both be resting, and cannot be incapacitated in order to initiate a date.
    • Retains its original difficulty curve, which is parabolic and averages to an increase of 2 difficulty per day.
    • The recent eased story requirements are removed in this mode (-4/-3/-2/-1 to tests and requirements for O/V,T/L/S,E)
  • The game's original setting of saving every 5 days has been restored, but the half-save feature is still not in effect until we are confident that no crashes or bugs will occur. 
Easier Mode can be used as a training mode for those who wish to advance to Original Mode. Easier Mode modifies none of the damage values, and so the strategy remains largely the same. Doubling the ammo may not seem like much to a new player, but in doing so, we simulate Original Mode's scarcity. Easier mode should *not* be difficult for you, but the game should at least feel like the Original mode. We're also planning to decrease the amount of days that both difficulties require to achieve their goals, thus satisfying a request for days off from combat, but we're still working on that.

 Voices and more content is in the works.