Sunday, December 28, 2014

Free one handed keyboard script

This is not an Aching Dreams/Cartoon Pornography post. This is not an ad either, this is just a free one handed keyboard script for anyone on the interwebs that needs it. I post this on my blog in the hopes that someone that's looking for this will come across it on google.

Do you need to work on your computer with one hand? Are you tired of having to shift your right hand from mouse to keyboard, to keyboard to mouse, over and over? Do you have at *least* a moderately sized hand, or smaller-than-normal keyboard if you have a small hand? Do you suck at scripting in autohotkey or have utterly no idea what that is? Well, I've got the perfect program for YOU! (sorry, I'll quit it out)

This script is just an advanced form of the one made by "jonny", which you can find here:
One-handed typing as a theory has been floating around for a long time. In fact, the first prototypes of the mouse were tested while using a one-handed keyboard, which usually mirrors both sides onto one. For more information on one-handed typing and the Half-qwerty layout I used for this, visit this link. There are already programs that do this, but I have yet to find a free one. Of course, if you really like this, you might consider a half-qwerty keyboard, a true half-keyboard, or a more exotic (and more proprietary) Frogpad.

What this script does is it remaps the spacebar to be a modifier. When space is held, the keyboard is inverted, with the line of symmetry between g and h. Thus, e would become i, b would become n, p would become q, and so on. If the spacebar is depressed and released without pressing any other keys, a single space is sent. Modifier keys such as shift or control can be used in conjuction with Half-qwerty.
My refinement to jonny's original script is that you can now input all keys (with the exception of f1-f12) on the keyboard by using the Win key and Spacebar key. Furthermore, Win+C will now temporarily suspend the script altogether so that you can type with two hands at no hindrance.

How to install:
Download this program (here) and run it every time you want to use it OR simply use autohotkey and paste in the code in the first and second comment in this post.

How to use:
Spacebar and
Y= / (so adding shift will press "?")
ZXCVBN= B N M , . /
Tab= Backspace
Capslock= Enter

Left Windows Button and
Q [
E ]
WSAD Up/Down/Left/Right keys
RTY   Ins Home PgUp
FGH   Del End PgDw
Z -
X =
C (special, read below)
V \

Pressing F3 temporarily turns the script off, because using this script while typing with two hands is going to screw you up when you press spacebar. By default, the temporary suspension lasts for 5 minutes.
Pressing Win+C will modify how long the suspension lasts, depending on how many times you press it:
Once 33 seconds
Twice 100 seconds
Thrice 15 mins
Foce(sp) 45 mins
Fivice(sp)  2 hours 15 mins
Sikceh(sp) Resets the counter to 1. Err... if you need this off for more than two hours, you should just close the program.
Pressing F3 after pressing Win+C will invoke the newly modified suspension. If you want the program to tell you how many times you've pressed Win+C, find yourself a handsome man/beautiful woman/dazzling unicorn and record them counting 1 to 5, and place each iteration into your C:\Windows\Media directory as 1.wav, 2.wav and so on. No, you can't have my arethraFranklin1.wav

If you are learning how to use this, I recommend either going to (a typing game against other opponents but sadly they will never know how OP your actual two hand typing skills are), or Typing of the Dead Overkill.

This script/program is released freely. I am not responsible for any damage to your computer and/or child support. No donations are sought, but if you really wanted to thank me, uhhh, if you like cartoon porn, check out my game, otherwise just pay it forward.

Wednesday, December 3, 2014


Hi, I've launched a new offbeatr campaign. If you were looking to preorder, you can vote on the project for now, and then place money down on a pledge when the project passes the voting stage, thanks.

Wednesday, November 26, 2014

11/26 Trailer

Hey, sorry I kept you guys waiting. As to where I disappeared, let's just say it was a bad place. Life's rough, things are coming down to the wire here. Anyway, I've made a trailer for the game. It's 12 mins long.

I'll post up the voice cast later.

Tuesday, October 7, 2014


Here's an interactive map screen in progress.
I'll explain what's going on. The program downloads and runs off an outside text file and uses that to procedurally generate each box, or "room". The rooms are composed of a lot of different factors, and there's a small legend popup tool in the corner to help you figure it out. If you study the rooms close enough, you'll see most of the ones adjacent to one another are related because the rooms belong in the same parent tile. It's still a WIP. You can't click to relocate your base yet. The rooms are supposed to be made of larger parent tiles (like the 3*14 room sized mall that you see in the program would be a mall tile) and these tiles are supposed to be placed at random during each playthrough, to enhance variety and adaptive strategy, but the WIP is not yet randomizing these tiles.

The map is shaped like a ring, and the camera perspective we're seeing is in the middle of the ring. That's why the ring can be upside down. It's not a bug, I promise. The white boxes are made up of "walls", which come in differing strengths. These walls, when surrounding the player's base, add to the player's defense, so you'll want to look for a high defense when you need to give your survivors a break from stressful fighting. This is a defensive strategy.

Conversely, if your team is doing great, you can adapt a trailblazing strategy by running through and collecting lots of ammo, while having a higher enemy encounter frequency. You can pick up little goodie bonuses that make up for character skill (Medical, Entertain, Repair, Cooking). The game is survival based (the game primarily ends when you lose, although certain conditions can end the game). Unlike other games that tack on survival as an extra mode, AD3's main story campaign was built with survival in mind. As the days go on, the enemies will become more stronger, and the resources on the map are finite, so you'll have to conserve these resources wisely and consider which resources to skip entirely.

Apart from the music (by Ryan), I made the whole swf from scratch. When I see the different elements of art, game design, and programming mixing so well together, it certainly evokes pride from me. Maybe I can get the lead programmer to make this run a bit faster. Well, tell me if you have speed issues with it. I really oughta get to fixing that "5" in that homemade font.

Tuesday, September 30, 2014


6p0- Woke.
7p1- Internetted. Exercised.
Efficiency 2.5/10
8p1- Exercised.
Efficiency 8/10
9p3- Ate.
10p4- Ate.
11p5- Brainstormed on toilet, designed better solution for barricade redistribution after leaving an area, and did some pseudo coding to solve programming problems that I'm too embarrassed to admit I'm having trouble with.
Difficulty 5/10 Efficiency 9/10
11p5 to 1a7- Learned
Difficulty 4/10 Efficiency 6/10
2a8- Worked on map...
Difficulty 7/10 Efficiency 4/10

Monday, September 29, 2014


6p0- Woke. Not a lot of sleep.
7p1- Internetted. Exercised.
Efficiency 4/10
8p2- Internetted. Exercised. I'm totally out of energy.
Efficiency 6/10
9p3- Ate. Apart from improvements in stamina, I've yet to experience any muscle growth. The main problem is that I'm not eating enough, so I'm forcing myself to eat. WebMD suggests I make smoothies... but the fruit variety of smoothies are probably out of the hentai game dev budget, and I sure as hell ain't making TV Dinner Smoothies. I've resorted to overeating, and I'll try to snack on small stuff throughout the day.
10p4- Showered. Played a game. Appeased stomach ache by killing virtual people.
11p5- Planned things.
Difficulty 6/10 Efficiency 7/10
12a6- Programmed, talked to a friend.
Difficulty 5/10 Efficiency 3/10
1a7- Programming the map.
Difficulty 6/10 Efficiency 9/10
2a8- Learned some stuff.
Difficulty 5/10 Efficiency 6/10
2a8 to 4a10- Worked on the map. Chatted with pinoytoons, secondary hentai animator. He's got a kid. I'm unsure whether I should put the kid in the credits as a Developer Baby.
Difficulty 5/10 Efficiency 16/20
5a11- Worked on the map. Ended up reusing the game's main animated poster for the map background... It's not bad.
Difficulty 5/10 Efficiency 10/10
6a12- Worked on map.
Difficulty 5/10 Efficiency 7/10
6a12 to 8a14- Worked on map. Added a delightful help button. I admit it's cryptic but it's beautiful!
Difficulty 5/10 Efficiency 20/20
8a14 to 10a16- Worked on map at a very bad speed. Should have just concentrated on eating.
Difficulty 7/10 Efficiency 4/20

Sunday, September 28, 2014


9/27- Went to a video gamer party. Got a lot of DDR related exercise, feet are sore. Major sausage fest, but there was one qt π, got her number. I'm pretty sure that's the farthest I'm going to get with that one though, so let's call it catch and release. Gambled and lost $5 of your kickstarter money in a poker game. It's good for big kickstarter teams to be transparent with what they do with your money, like "spent 20k on artist", but when it's only a few people... the transparency can get kind of personal.

9/28- Party kept going 'til 2. Went home. Friend came over, entertained him for a few hours. Slept 14 hours straight due to having only 2 hours of sleep the prior night. And here we are.

7p0- Woke.
8p1- Attempted to locate my missing external harddrive. After general searching was ineffective, switched to Batman cleaning search method. Method entails cleaning room while screaming "WHERE IS IT!?". Neatly organized my computer wiring.
9p2- Went back to the party host's house. Cried "I left my harddrive with all of my hand drawn cartoon pornography!" (it's okay I have many backups). Found harddrive, went home.
10p3- Internetted.
11p4- Ate.
12a5- Ate.
12a5 to 2a7- Chatted with friends, wrote some stuff to a VA. I can kind of excuse myself because of the stomach ache. Now work work work!
2a7 to 5a10- Programmed.
Difficulty 7/10 Efficiency 16/30
5a10 to 12p17- ...Debugged some newb stuff I was working on... Most of the time my programming has been moments of triumph, but this day was particularly difficult. I spent an hour fixing something and realized "oh, it's not -1, it's -15 for the y axis... oh...." That sucked and it was embarrassing. "gee HC, what's taking so long?" and I'd have to say "I don't know what I'm doing!"
Difficulty 9/10 Efficiency 30/70