Saturday, March 28, 2015


Went over the code for AD3. It's like staring into the abyss and letting it consume me. Started writing a little bit of the code for the bunk menu.

Coded a bit of battlemap.
Fixed preloader bug...partially.

HC and Eric:
Finished setting up svn stuff to better manage back and forth file transfers.
Discussed redesigning aspects of the map system (considering how to make it easier to code, faster to load, more user friendly, etc). Some good arguing here.
Synchronized sleeping schedules.

Thursday, March 26, 2015


Eric's progress
- I've tweaked the bullet class so that it can fly towards its target and hit them
- Improved the turn based flow of combat so that enemy moves and attacks one at a time (Initiative checks for enemy ordering not included. Will decide if it is necessary to add later)
- Added pushback capabilities for able weapons (maximum pushback is 4 tile units)
- Implemented shotgun pushback system to coincide with rangepenalty
- All enemies now have pushback resistance
- Removed spawn groups and spawn chances for enemy database
- Integrated the spawn challenge system so that weak units do not get summoned on harder days
- Tweaked the enemy combat functions so that unexpected errors won't occur (may still be some bugs I've missed out)

Wednesday, March 25, 2015


Worked on viewCharacterCreation:
Switched fonts default device fonts to save memory.
Squished signature button bug
Wrote all biographies for the Cap.
Feng shuied the shit outta this



Tuesday, March 24, 2015


Blog will be updated daily/every other day until I'm ready to go back to hourly. I don't mind telling you every dripping detail, but there are prying eyes.

Eric's progress:
Increased sound functionality in battle
Solving resource garbage problem
Modified character selection system
implemented prototype ammo system
implemented prototype character damage system
auto reload mode (temporary)
use of barricade as shield temporarily


Sunday, March 22, 2015


6a0- Woke. Yesterday was a day that I'd been putting off for a long time. I threw a party. I called it the "Almost Done" party. "Almost done" isn't really a milestone, but if the party wasn't now, I may not ever be able to celebrate AD3 (not because I wouldn't finish mind you, but because everybody would die of old age). Yes, I took your hard earned backer money, and bought all my IRL friends a sushi buffet meal. Could not even confirm that the bill was under the double digits, however, since they hid the bill from me. Played Battlestar Galactica, my favorite board game. Good to dust off the old game box and spend time with friends.

I guess if you were a backer, you might find it odd reading how I spend money. Do I really need to spend $80 on celebrations to finish the game? No. You could argue that the time spent actually detracts from the game, but I don't feel at all irresponsible. That's why it's a bit weird that people want transparency when it comes to how backer money is spent. You wouldn't want the creator to go to Vegas and gamble it all away, but what if he spends 90% of your money on Vegas and manages to deliver his product with the remaining 10%? Who knows/cares as long as he delivers.
7a1- Exercised a little bit. Internetted.
8a2- Ate.
9a3- Ate.
10a3- Woke from nap.
11a4- Got to work on story, going over a few things I didn't like.
1p6- More proofreading.

Saturday, March 21, 2015


7p0- Woke.
8p1- Internetted.
9p2- Exercised.
10p3- Ate. Eric and I had our first fight! We fought over who gets to do what.
11p4- Ate.
12a5- uhhh slacked off...damnit.
1a6- Studied.
2a7- Studied.
3a8- Wrote Stella's gift response.
3a8 to 8a13- Wrote Zoe's gift response.... it's a bit long... But it's good! Gosh that was depressing. What I wrote, fictionally. It makes me want to scream into my pillow "why don't they kith already?!".... So it's really funny and depressing.

Thursday, March 19, 2015


It's my birthday. I didn't do much yesterday, so let's just say yesterday was my birthday break and get right back to it.

Sorry for being mean, I know it takes energy to wish someone 
a happy birthday, but this was just too hilarious to pass up.

6p0- Woke.
7p1- Stared at funny pictures and movie trivia on the web.
8p2- Ate. Discussed super important business matters with Eric(programmer), partially organized the fullBodyPortrait index...
Since Eric's inclusion, he has:
Partially looked at everything. (major undertaking, for you non-computer literate, this is like opening a book, reading it all, and understanding every plot point)
Tweaked viewIntro.
Tweaked viewNarrative.
Continously reminded me to update fullBodyPortrait index.
9p3- Ate. Partially organized fullBodyPortrait index.
10p4-Talked to sister. Worked on fullBodyPortrait and went over bug stuff with Eric.
11p5- Finished fullBodyPortrait Index (wow that took way too long), went over bugs...
12a5- Assisted Eric with bug. Took a nap.
2a5- Woke from nap.
3a6- Ate.
4a7- Assisted Eric with minor things. Thought about how to tie up a few loose ends in the story. Corneas were burning off, so took a shower.
5a8- Stared at story. Story still has minor loose ends, still don't know how to resolve them. Stared at code for long period of time, until lightbulb sparked; proceeded to fix viewCombatMenu. Staring is productive.
6a9- Working slowly on code, alongside with Eric. Sometimes our conversations start with me saying "hey, this thingamabob is uh, it's not working".  And he'll say "oh yeah I put a breakpoint on it", and I'll say "ohh, right, ofc breakpoint", and then frantically search google to figure out what he's talking about.
7a10- Figured I wasn't helping much in the programming department. Gonna leave Eric alone on the game for now, read up more on programming for a few weeks and come back into the game, gandalf white style. So all's this blog's going to say for the next few weeks is "readed programming book".
9a12- Had a study-ache. Exercised by running to the grocery store. Junk food get. Studied.
10a13- Ate. Internetted.
11a14- Studied.
12p15- My brain is full. Good night.