Wednesday, April 28, 2010


Alright no more sad faces, just because I don't update the blog doesn't mean that the game is over. It just means I haven't been updating the blog. Yeah, I'll admit work is a little on the slow side because I didn't expect certain things coming in (cutting voice files) but otherwise the game is being worked on.

The demand is fine also, people have been preordering. Not enough to settle a few old debts (eheheh.... ) but otherwise, good. Besides, I'd make AD2 if I was the last person alive. Don't forget, this is the only thing I have, I'm basically a bum without AD2. I can't promise it'll be on time, but IT WILL BE MADE.

Lastly, I've finalized AD3. It's going to be a short, free game, and you can read all the details here...

Aching Dreams 3: Cosplay Clit Clash! (title in progress, enlighten me)
You start off having sex with your boring girlfriend, Eunice. Eunice asks you what she can do to liven things up. You tell her that you want her to dress up as different characters. Sounds fun, she says. But she doesn't have any money to buy such clothing. Neither do you, you can't get employed and all you have is 100 dollars. So you go out to the casino and gamble by playing blackjack.

By gambling, you can collect money to buy new cosplay clothes at the clothing shop (maybe Jessica will work there, it all depends on people's response to her) or keep gambling until a girl gambler has no more money and needs to strip her clothes off to win money back.

You get these clothes and come back to Eunice and suddenly she changes to a sex freak by making her dressup as 200 different characters. The voice actress playing Eunice will be required to say one or two lines for the two hundred different characters and a generic sex sound. You can sleep with Jessica also, as long as you made all the correct character combinations.

The game could be made with a budget of two months. Additional note, it doesn't have to be blackjack, indeed this could be a video game tournament setting also (like a fighting game?) but I don't want to go over the budget of 2 months.

Wednesday, April 21, 2010

I need money!

Ahem, I am not begging for money/donations. I am merely stating that funds are low. Bills must be paid. I need to rush up, pack things up. There's two actresses that haven't sent me their lines yet, and I'm still missing a few girls on the sex lines, but I can't wait anymore. I'll have a version out in 2-3 days.

Hentai Game Design Rules

I was messing around with different game genre designs and trying to fit a hentai game into each one. I noticed that each game genre, no matter their transition to hentai, always needed to follow the rules below, in order to make a game that developed relationships with women.

The hentai game design rules-
A. Choose from Play alongside women/Play against women/Linear Non-interactive "cutscenes" based hentai.
B. Upgrade female companions, or upgrade yourself.
C. Date them inbetween playing.
D. Require playing to date, dating to play.
E. 30 days.
F. Relationships are developed through impressing the woman and choosing the right dialogue choices.

If you play alongside them, then they're your partners in battle/stories. This is probably the best way, because there's always emotional involvement even when you aren't talking to her, if her AI kicks in and she's killing things with you, it's the greatest sense of bonding.

No relationship ever blooms in just one day, so you also need to make a dating system, which means you need a time limit of 30(or more) days. It's possible to not have a limited time system, but this takes away an element of being able to lose against the relationship, and being able to improve your character outside of dating.

You'll want to be able to upgrade these women or yourself, because people love making choices like that and the town that you date in makes a perfect upgrade environment.

If you play against them, then it's likely a rape story in case there are evil forces involved. Raping women is unlikely to actually have any emotional attachment. All enemy characters come and go, so it's hard to come up with a formula where you'd fight the same enemy for an hour long relationship. Another way to take the play against is by having it be a friendly competition. This is an excellent way, as you'd be able to date these women outside of the fight as well.

Lastly is "cutscene" hentai. Many games can have hentai tacked into them with no player involvement. In this scenario, you could control a well developed character that already has built a repertoire with a female. Within the confines of the game's scenario and genre, seeing the two have sex at the end of the game is pretty much non interactive. This also could apply to the main villain, make her female.

In summary, these three ways are the only ways to make a hentai game where you develop a relationship with a non playable character. You can plug these rules into any game genre, you just have to modify the game genre and it's story to fit within the confines of it.


Head's really small.

Tuesday, April 20, 2010


Cutting audio files is pretty tedious work but I've been doing it. Listening to hours upon hours of audio and cutting it up kind of drives you to boredom. So that's what I've been doing the past few days.

Saturday, April 17, 2010

Working on Valencia script

So far the decision was to not have Valencia in the game, but since we found an actress, I'm just going to do the first mission and roll the rest of it into DLC. Kinda weird to make her come back three months later.

Oriannah1f finished

That is all.

Friday, April 16, 2010


I'm doing the flash animations now. I'm not going to post any of the flash movies I do, I'll save them for the people who buy the game instead. This is partly why I didn't want to make the blog public, but ah well. More pressure is good.


Aaand just ready for flash. I have to "doll" the drawing, making sure that when parts move, there's parts behind those parts that move seamlessly. It's like a paper doll.

I have approved a new girl to replace Mochan's Valencia as Mochan was double acting, which actually brings us to a full cast!


Prepping this for flash.


(yawwwn) time to go to bunk. err ah.. bed.

My love letter to the opposite sex

You like this, girls? I can't tell.


The camera pans away from two empty glasses, and onto Taiyo's bra.
You strip the bra away from her. She smiles and says "Would you like to
continue?"... You sigh. "It's just 149.99!", she smiles. The trial software
The year is 2471 AD. Sex has become a commodity. Each girl is just as
worth as the lithium battery that fuels her. The physical sensation of sex is
completely replicated, in every sense. She never says "no" again. The age
of the prostitute is over, and is replaced by "Hentai Cooks", baggy old
men creating perverse fantasies for other baggy old men to play in.
Los Angeles, California is one of the most populated cities of the world,
yet it's also the most quiet. There's nobody on the streets. Everyone's
connected. Your job, sex life, fun life, it's all a hub.

You work at the Police Department, Life section. Your employment is of the last five percent of jobs that require you get out of your room's interface. You handle a mech that shoots harmless rays at a Pro-Life Strike.

Doomsday event: The world's hub population becomes sucked into the network and is unable to get out. Any attempts to disconnect results in the user's death. Your neural interface still works (you see a user interface in your eyesight) but communications do not work. The Pro-Lifers use some sort of communication device known as a "Walkie Talkie", an ancient device that was put back into use when the last digital phone company went out of business.

You're called into action. You meet your partner Jane for the first time. The game takes place in a very different apocalypse. Streets are dirty, but functional. Apartments line into the sky. Factories pump out delivery robots, which deliver factory pumped food. Everything is functional, but nobody is here. A self sustained ghost town.

- Could the Pro-Lifers be involved?
- Where are the government troops? Why haven't we received external help?
- A select few have been reported as dieing in their consoles, could this be a conspiracy?
- Where are these deadly robots coming from?

The game is a third person shooter, but not in 3D. You control two characters, Jane during action and Max during dating/thinking sequences.



Thursday, April 15, 2010

Recording with Player

And then I got cut off :(. He just hanged up all of the sudden.

shhh! Recording!

Recording with "Cat Angas" for Player.


Pretty much got sidetracked this hour due to two (2!!) girls calling in wanting to be voice actresses for the project. There's only one spot left, Valencia. I looked over their demo reels (not AD2 style auditions, just general ones). The first girl was fine, and then I found out she was underage, 17. I told her to come back next year, lol (is that a form of sexual harassment??)

The next girl sounds fine too. Her mic was kinda crappy though. Mochan is currently voicing both Valencia and Carmen, so getting a duplicate out of the way is a good thing.

Back to the drawing. You're looking at three arms because I figured getting the hair out of the way is more of a BJ action, while hand behind the back is more of an HJ action. Helps to know your audience. Other then that I cleared the smoke out of the page, and now I'm going to draw extra BJ heads.

How to draw hentai!

OKAY! Let's teach people how to draw animated hentai. The animation calls for three different drawings.

I started out with the idea that I wanted Orianna (the shopkeeper) to give head. The most important things at this point is the pose and the expression. Rarely do I need to start over, but I get these two hard parts out of the way first. She's brushing aside her hair with one hand and she's got a slutty smile on her face.

You'll see that the left side of the picture is more developed. I'm right handed so I work left to right so that there are less pencil smudges in the final product (and I'm a very messy artist!) still, it's best to get a rough idea on what you need.

Wednesday, April 14, 2010

Hentai script for new demo written

Yeah, this shit's hilarious.

Carmen Sound stuff

I should finish this hour. Putting Carmen's voice in. I can't wait for you guys to hear Orianna.

OKAY. This is not a twitter. This is a PRODUCTION BLOG. I just happen to post every hour.

Top 5 things to do today:
1. Go to the supermarket. (we forgot milk)
2. Finish putting the voices in. (Orianna, Jeanne, Carmen.)
3. Make the voice buttons in the Stat Screen do stuff.
4. ...Shell out 5 bucks a month for the...(checks the site real quick)HEY WAIT IT'S UP AGAIN!! WOOOT!! Well, that means I get to cross number 4 off the list! Mission Accomplished! Now witness the awesome power of this fully operational hentai website!
5. Work on the free hentai scene.

April Fools

Is a game concept I've had in my head, much more abstract than the other game ideas I've put out... I call it April Fools.
(note, all the below are player driven actions)
April 1st
You wake up in an unfamiliar room. You don't have any memories. Pictures of a girl strewn about the walls, and a calendar with the date circled in red, APRIL 1ST. There's a closet in the room, in which you see clothes that float in the air. A cricket floats, suspended. After bringing the cricket out, the cricket dies. There's also a computer with a camera screen, showing a girl bound. You realize this must be in the same house. You find a syringe on the table, with a note that the effects should last until an hour from now.

You go over to the room and find the girl tied up, unable to see, unable to move, unable to speak, and sedated. She's naked except in her underwear. You free her. In an hour, the effects of the drugging wears off... She looks at you with shock and wonders where the hell she is, grabs a lead pipe and kills you.

April 1st 2.
You wake up in a room. You remember what happened. You're not dead, so naturally this is still April 1st. You decide to leave her there this time. You take the lead pipe and remove it from the room. You go outside. You buy some female clothing. You go back and put it on her. She wakes up and asks who you are. You tell her that you're trying to escape just like her. She believes you and starts to escape with you. Unfortunately, the only way out is through the sleeping room, and she starts to question who you are, and ultimately doesn't trust you and runs away from you. You spend the rest of the day looking over things, and sleep.

Okay, so as the game progresses, you start to figure out more about the strange town, the girl, and who you are. You'll begin a rapport with the girl. You need to dress her in different outfits to find out more about her, as clothing seems to rewrite what she's able to remember. Dressing her like a doctor will make her tell you about her father. Dressing her like a soldier will tell you about her boyfriend. The closet seems to not be affected by all this, but going inside is something you're too scared to do. The goal is to get past April 1st by getting to understand her, and once you do, April 2nd begins. The goal of each day is only outlined by a single word on the calendar. "Remembrance" for the first, "Everlasting" for the second. It's a pretty weird game that's inspired by Groundhog's Day, the movie.

You can see much less evil game designs at



New game announcement

Here's the next game coming out from me.

Hentai Character Generator is a fan game with 200 video game females. You unlock hentai of them by playing either BlackJack or Trivia. The game would be completely free to play.

The characters would be all in the same exact pose with the only difference being the facial features, hair, clothes, breast size, skin color. Drawing 200 characters in the same pose should take.... 75 hours?

All 200 characters are locked in the beginning, with the exception of Taiyo. Characters would be limited to only game characters, because we have to make sequels to this, right? hehe

You have a list of 200 clues and one input text box. At anytime you can answer a clue by typing the name and unlocking the character. This also means anyone can just start typing away at characters they know from video games to check if she's in.

I don't expect everyone to know all 200 answers, so play Blackjack instead. You unlock girls with the cash you receive and the most popular characters cost the most. You can't SELL girls (because then people would just remember the girls and reload).

The characters unlocked will have five toggleable switches. They start off fully clothed, so you can take off the top and bottom. You can toggle two different penises (bj and vagina sex) and cumshot.

Additional Characters-
A forum post will be made where you'd post five characters to insert, with each character you recommend gaining one vote. The top 20 characters to be recommended will be in the game. After that I'd probably take a year off from it.'s rebirth

The situation with is that some guy let me sit in with his hosting plan (it's kind of cheating to just let people you barely know stay at your hosting plan)... I think people stopped visiting his website so he just let it die.

The site's been dead for the whole day, and if it's dead for another full day, we've got to switch...I'm currently pretty low on funds (thank you people who have preordered) so I'm going to get a monthly plan and ride it out until the game comes out.

I've been looking for an hour and I've stumbled my way to here...

4 bucks a month and decent reviews from other people. Sounds good.

Tuesday, April 13, 2010

Space Marine. Not Bald. Female.

Was looking through trying to find something interesting to put into the menu screen.
Maybe it looks way too cluttered now. I kinda want that space chick though, it'd be cool if she said something different every day when you clicked on her.

AD2S delayed one hour

I had a power outage...and then my computer restarted and I lost an hour of work...


Just how many copies do people have to buy for this game to be successful?

AD1 had 2 million views over two years on Newgrounds alone. For the second game, all we need is 1 out of 1000 people that play it to buy it for the game to be successful. Looking at other independant flash games in the market, the typical attachment rate for a GOOD game floats around 1%-.05% .All I'm asking for is 0.1% to bank 10,000 dollars a year, once again, from Newgrounds alone.



First art post. Little did you know, the programmer also does the story and the art of this game!!

Monday, April 12, 2010

Where are the voices?!

So far...only two girls have sent in their voice files.

Okay. Obviously there's a shitload of lines. Most actors are not willing to do ~100 lines for free (I will pay them, after the game comes out). STILL. I wanted to release the game tomorrow. But even if I did get all of their lines right this second, it'd take me another four days to put into the game. SO. The game will just have to use extra polish...

Let's make a changelog!!

-Stop Beatrice from continuing to talk in mission: Beginning
-Put in the two voices we have so far...
-Work a new sex scene into the demo...(taking out the old one too)
-Properly credit Ana Lindstrom

Haven't Decideds
-"You scored X out of X points" at the end of a mission(will wait for responses from the survey)
-Put in Valencia's first mission(she won't be in the real game, so this feels like a ripoff tactic)

-Other voices.
-The intro music.

website done

Could be better.

Site making...(sigh)

Took a nap. Still making the site. lol. I think this is the last hour though!

Sunday, April 11, 2010

Still site making

Working on website

There's a lot of work to do for this site!

BT mission fixed

New build up.
Beatrice/Talia mission fix
- The last fix accidentally made Beatrice/Talia's missions impossible to beat. Beatrice and Talia's missions are now possible to beat.

This should be the last fix build for now, stay tuned for a fully featured new build in the upcoming week. I don't have a release date for this, so you should register in case you want to be notified.

Okay! Going to try to get 16 hours of work in today.

Work on stuff

For the past 5 hours I've been working on the website, the survey, the voice acting...

Pretty much everything but the game itself, heh.

Top 4 things to do today-
1. Update the site.
2. Put voices into the game.
3. Finalize Valencia's script, send it in for voice acting
4. Draw Valencia's first mission

Valencia script

Worked on Valencia's story with DamonIsa for a bit (he's our tester...and possibly story writer)

Valencia's story (and Catherine's) is cut from the main game and will be released later, for free. Why? 1. Piracy. 2. I need money... Not trying to sound money grubby, it's just that working on a hentai game 24/7 is really hard when you're poor. Food stamps FTW...

Saturday, April 10, 2010

Got groceries, Melanie bug fixed

Melanie bug fixed (sometimes you teleport to Sienna's mission while fighting against Melanie, a level 3 char)
The game has been reuploaded, so please refresh your game if you're playing right now.

Figured out the issue. URL of vs Apparently www is very important.

If you're having problems running AD2S at all, try this.

Balance issues

Need to make it so that getting to the next level requires more XP every time
Need to enforce the player level rather than merely suggest it... (you NEED to be level 3 to play Beatrice's level, not should be)

Need to get groceries.

AD2S56:Preview Whoops Edition

New build out

AD2S56:Preview Whoops Edition
-Took out the 9999 gold and 30 stats I left for myself... not for you
-Took out minor player name errors in Talia's mission
-Implemented less chance to fight the same girl again after you've already stripped her.

Known issue:
Winning Beatrice's level does not register as won during "masturbation"

I really shouldn't have slept.

Nap time.

I don't THINK there are any bugs, but I'm really too tired to check. If there are any major show-stoppers please comment.

New build out.

Okay, the new build is out that addresses the last of the problems that everyone's been having...

Known issues:
Your name screws up at the end of Talia's mission, temporarily. Just a slight oops, it doesn't affect your game, ignore it.

Bug fixing progress

Hentai movies fixed...

Game is now harder to beat missions. The previous demos, you always pass missions 100%. Now,you need to actually level up in order to win missions.

All known mission bugs are fixed.

Currently adding win/lose mission prompts (something we didn't need since you always won)

I'll upload this version hour.

Work progress

Still doing stuff.

Top 6 things to do today:
1. Fix any hentai movie bugs(currently in testing!)
2. Add a button prompt when you finish/fail a mission
3. Release this version (pretty much just bugfixes, small feature implementation)
4. Prepare for new version of the demo. Make the game harder. (going to add another hentai scene for incentive for people to come back)
5. Update my website.(
6. Put voices into the game.

You can easily tell, the voice actresses have a lot of lines to do.

Orianna the shopkeeper.

She's a minor character but I think she's going to be a fan favorite.
She's got all these lines when you buy stuff, but I'm pretty sure nobody noticed.

I've got a voice actress for it and she delivers the humor perfectly. Here's one of the lines.

(You buy a longsword)
Orianna- "Whoa. Hey! I knew this guy, he had a sword like that. He was a really grizzly guy, killed a bunch of bad guys and had a big beard and a mustache. I kissed him, and it was like...all mustache. Like kissing a big tarantula! We were making out and then when I tried to pull away, his mustache hair was stuck to my teeth! Anyway, that's a cool sword."

Finishing up the survey...

I'm sorry, I really like posting every hour. Remember, you don't have to read any of this.

Working on survey...

I'm writing up a survey next week for the voice version of the demo.

The voice version of the demo will be more polished and will be shown on multiple websites instead of just for the first time...

The past two demos have been just for people that have been patiently waiting for the game since the beginning, to let you guys know that we're still here. This time around though, we want to go viral and attract as much people as possible.

More programming

Implemented a much nicer looking game over screen.
Prevented players from getting to level 7. (6 should be max)
Put in "MASTER" level instead of level 6 at the Stat Screen.

Friday, April 9, 2010

Handling voices stuff

Takes a long time. There's lots of little bugs that are affecting how the game will play out in the full version that I need to iron out, it's not really affecting people that want to just get the five missions done though.

Lesson learned: Don't release until you're bug free.

It's better to delay the game at any cost, and keep delaying the game.

Preview of SEX.

Here's the song so far

Yes, this is what's holding up the next release of the game.

Working on Moan Compilation

Listen to that song.
I'm going to be getting the voice actresses to say things like
"Touch me... I'm aching for you..."
"Give me your big…long…aching…dreeeeeaaaam"
"I’m dreaming about you…achingly…"
"Spill your dreams all over me"
"I want it up my dreamhole..."
"Mmmm, so dreamy...I've been aching for your touch..."
"Let's dream tonight."

The guy's got a line too...
"give me your"

If you can think of any lines that have Aching or Dreams in them and are totally sexy and cheesy, now is the time to comment. Anonymous commenting available!

Bugs Found!...not by me...

1. User to user browser problems. People are having trouble playing the game when they're not in Internet Explorer. If you're able to play the game in browsers other than IE, please leave a quick comment.

I have tested the game to work fine on Opera and Firefox, but I only have one computer to test this on...

Remember to try upgrading your Flash.
There's many different flavors of flash available through that site alone, make sure to download the correct version to your desktop and completely close your browser first (hit ALT+CTRL+DEL, kill your browser)

2. "There's no hentai scene after beating all 5!!"
I'll look into it, it's possible this isn't a bug and you're not going into the Masturbate option in your room at the guild hall. As dreamsfan put it...
The hentai scenes are in your room in the Guild Hall.

It's a possible bug for me to fix, but if you already were able to finish and don't want to play it all over again...
I'm working on adding voice to this (and the rest of the game as well) so hold on.

3. Vegget\ had a problem...
- when fighting teh girl in lvl 3 and have some of her clothes stripped u get transferred to Sienna's first story somehow?
- During Beatrice's mission (from the castle) i get stuck @ 2 places:
1. First place is when im in the main hall of the dragonworshipper and the gaurd say: hey you there stop. It freezes. I have to fast forward a bit and it works.
2. After killing/not killing the egg, u jump on some horses and escape. when entering the forest u freeze, when i fast forward @ that point i get the hentai scene??

But I think he hasn't reloaded the new flash, everyone else isn't running into this problem. I'm pretty sure I fixed these problems already, but if anyone else runs into what Vegget is running into, please speak up.

when not skipping the intro u sometimes receive a 3xp bonus, this cant be found back @ the stat. Same goes for some missions u dont complete but still get XP from, it doesnt show @ the stats.

To be fixed. Easy fix.


Top 5 things to do:
1.Look over the hentai bug.
2.Add a mission win dialogue that tells you to go into your room to check out what you've accomplished so far in game.
3.Fix the experience points bug.
4.Add voices to the game.

AD2S Preview Bugfree edition.

Hi, I've uploaded the flash again, this time there should not be any bugs that prevent you from completing any missions. It's pretty bug free now. You can check it out at



Jeanne's story is fixed, among other things. If you spot any bugs, feel free to click on the lower left red icon that shows you the frame number. Describe what happened, and I'll get right on it.

So right now I'm just going to try to find bugs myself.

So JEANNE'S story is fixed, but Beatrice's story still needs fixing too...

Waking up

Jeanne's mission fixed. I also added a debugger for myself to make sure all rolls were accurate, and that all relationship points are accounted for. I'm going to use that today to fine comb the game for bugs, as I don't think there are anymore game crashers. All this new stuff will be in the next build, in one hour.

Did not get sleep.


I've been fixing bugs...and I'm really tired. I need to head to bed, work on this tomorrow.

AD2S Preview 1.5 released

Man! I am TIRED! I haven't had sleep in so long. Had 3 hours today... 1 hour yesterday...and I can't even remember before that. Sadly, I had to release a buggy demo because there were so many people waiting for the game... I've been working on it constantly for so long. The big mistake was saying that I could release it on April 7th.

Top 5 things to do-
1. Fix Jeanne's end mission
2. Re-release the demo so it doesn't have any big crashes
3. Fix more bugs
4. Chop the voice files sent in by the girls
5. Implement the voices into the game.


Hi. I'm going to be posting up hourly progress on the game, so you can keep track of what's going on, if you want. Feel free to leave comments. I post every hour because I like to think of myself as a workaholic, the blog is more of a schedule really. You shouldn't look at it, lol. I've been blogging already for a long time, but just now I've decided to open it up for everyone to see.

I haven't touched this post in years. If you're reading this, then I assume you want to know where it all starts. This blog is special to me because every time I type something into it, I'm proud. It used to be because I had to work to show. Now I've come to even post the hours in which I've failed; the hours where I just sit around being lazy. But when I admit those failures, it means that I'm confident enough that I'll be able to overcome them and come out even stronger. That's why I put them on here. Sometimes it's mental fatigue. Maybe it's just the body being an ass, not allowing me to push the limits... but that's not something I have control over. Our biggest strength is our own determination.

Where does the time go? 4/9/10, this post date. I had a girlfriend at the time, 3 years. The games only get bigger. More ambition. The entire blog is older... probably reaching back to 2008, but I haven't gotten around to publicizing it.

2007-2008 Aching Dreams 1.
2008-2010 AD2
2010-2011 AD2s expansion stuff
2011-December 2014 or January 2015? The Dark Planet.

10p5 = 10PM, 5 hours since I woke up.
Difficulty= The difficulty of the task, unrelated to my current state (so if I have a gunshot wound to the chest, it doesn't change the difficulty). Tracking the difficulty allows me to get a baseline on how difficult the task is for later reference when I do projects of the same type, and it allows me to select a difficulty for every hour.
Efficiency= 10/10 is a perfect 60/60 minutes worked. Bathroom breaks count as work, because I'd rather not have to type it out on the blog every time I choose to do so.

Do you want to compare your life to some weirdo hentai game developer? This is the place. Do you want an honest account, unfettered by the facebook window of deceit? Well, it's not completely honest, but it's more so than the lot you'll find out there. That, or you just want to make sure I'm making your damn game and not wasting time on personal logs that nobody will read. Enjoy, freak.